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About TLC Arts Schools, LLC

Dr. Thomas S. Lubben, Founder & CEO

Dr. Thomas S. Lubben is the founder and CEO of TLC-Arts LLC founded in 2013. Tom has over 50 years experience in public, private, & charter school education. He has served in all major educational roles from teacher to superintendent. Dr Thomas S Lubben

Dr. Lubben spent the over 20 years actively involved in the charter school movement. This began in 1996 when the charter law was under consideration in Pennsylvania. Tom spoke before the Senate Education Committee prior to the passage of the law in 1997.
It took Dr Lubben from 1997 to 2003 to open his first Arts focused school, The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts, now known as “Charter Arts”, in Bethlehem. That school currently enrolls over 500 students & has opened a brand new building in South Bethlehem. He actively served as Superintendent for LVPA from 2003-2010, when he stepped down.

In 2012, he had the opportunity to utilize an older elementary school in Salisbury to serve as the Arts Academy Charter School that services over 300 students in Grades 5-8. The creation of this school took slightly over one year to accomplish. Now that the Elementary Charter Schools have opened it's doors in both Easton & Allentown, a child of the Lehigh Valley will find it possible to go through 13 years of arts focused education. That will allow a child to experience over 5,000 hours of professional artistic instruction. If the parent was paying for "lessons" in any of the arts (@$30.00 a lesson)- that would be a conservative savings of $150,000 for parents - provided "free of charge" through this unique charter school model.


With the formation of TLC-Arts in 2013, Dr. Lubben assembled a talented advisory board comprised of many of his talented professional children & other associates. TLC-Arts is beginning to extend beyond the founder. We now have experts in curriculum, personnel, & facility management. We provide a team of leaders who can assist in the creation of a new school and guide existing schools. TLC is continually seeking to add members to their educational team.

Our Vendors

Dr Thomas S Lubben with colleague

TLC-Arts provides boards with a strong group of vendors & professional companies who stand ready to assist in the opening of a new school. They have served as vendors to all of the schools mentioned in this website.

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